Alfa Maschio Pheromones

One of the most renowned pheromone colognes to hit the market that really causes women to turn heads when you walk by.  Alfa Maschio brings out the Alpha male within you.  This human pheromone contains a complex mixture of pheromones that can signal a woman your way.  It introduces a superiority of sexual behavior on your behalf that she will most certainly notice.

When someone is attracted to you, it is the most unbelievable feeling in the world to experience.

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“For Men to Attract Women”

Alfa Machio is best used as an icebreaker on dates, first encounters or when you are on the hunt for that ideal woman of the night.  It even works better when you are already in a relationship to enhance sexual mood, desire and animalistic behaviors in bed to the extreme.  This beautifully designed bottle enhances your pheromone concentration of your body and appeals to the opposite sex in ways you would have never known.

If attention is what you are after, then Alfa Maschio pheromones may be the strategic advantage needed to get the job done.   The alpha male intensity that this has does not overwhelm the senses at all. In fact, you can use this with your own fragrance as there are unscented and scented versions available.

Catch women by surprise as you walk past them and gain their attention instantly.  But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and gather your own experiences. Alfa Maschio, is distinct, smooth and subtle to the senses. It delivers an Alpha Male presence that is memorable for any occasion.

Take it anywhere when need to gain that advantage of sexual attraction, attention and desire from beautiful women.  You will notice increase eye contact, flirtatious behavior and a willingness for the opposite sex to get to know you even better.

Product description:– contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
– applications: 230 sprays per bottle
– enclosure: Italian designer glass bottle
– base: cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]

Pheromone content:

– components: 8
– mg per bottle: 29
– unique pheromones: 4

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